Firearms do not discriminate, not all firearm owners are rednecks and magazines do not magically reproduce cartridges. Firearms do not know black, yellow, red, purple or pink. They do not distinguish male from female, straight from gay, rich from poor, or a Dallas Cowboys fan from a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. People from all walks of life enjoy owning and using their firearms.

It does not matter if the use is for youth education, hunting, home and Country defense, or shooting at the range just for the fun of it... Reloading your own ammo steps it up a notch. Ammunition and reloading is a multimillion dollar industry because people will always be shooting,and their ammunition will always need to be replenished. So why pay a dollar or more per cartridge when you can save 80% or more per round simply by reloading your own used brass?

Is reloading for you? Many good reasons to become a reloader have been cited in hundreds of books, magazines,and websites. Most having 'money saved' at the top of their list. Truth is, reloading is a labor of love and you may see the money saved goes to getting more components, so you can reload more and faster. Reloading is not cost-efficient for the occasional shooter but the regular shooter will see the savings add up. This savings could allow you to shoot more, or to get the ultimate reloading workshop.


Other reasons to reload include:
*Greater accuracy from your ammunition. Commercial manufacturing of ammunition is done on automated machines producing thousands of rounds per hour. Slowing it down and doing each cartridge one at a time or with a progressive press at one cartridge for pull will allow you more control based on the powder used, the amount of powder used, type of bullet, and the COL (cartridge overall length) Producing more accurate cartridges. Brass can also be fire formed to a specific firearms chamber for greater results in a pursuit of perfect accuracy.

*Commercial ammunition shortages, and limits to the quantity of ammunition you can buy at any one time.

*Adding another dimension to your love of firearms. The personal satisfaction when you shoot the ammunition you assembled, is great!

Rambo's magazine can last half a movie because you cannot actually see each bullet in a magazine. Hollywood often portrays magazines as a "magical cartridge factory" with an unending supply of cartridges. However, here in the real world, that fully automatic can shoot 700 rounds per minute. In a hour or two at the range one can easily shoot through 100 rounds or more. For me the reasons to reload are in every penny saved and every memory made.

Is reloading for everyone? Absolutely not. If you are a person who believes manuals, rules, and safety are suggestions then reloading is probably not the greatest idea for you. Practicing safety, using common sense, and following directions is a HUGE deal when it comes to reloading, preventing injury, and enjoying a wonderful hobby.

"If you teach your kids - How to shoot, When to shoot, What to shoot, and Where to shoot, Freedom will easily be maintained." -Erin Canales-

From this site you can learn some basics on how to reload, what items you will need, the supplies necessary to keep on hand, the equipment available, and how to use that equipment, a glossary of reloading lingo, as well as a few tips and tricks we learned along the way, as well as much more.....Welcome to: